About Us

Origin Cinematics is a commercial, promotional, industrial, and film production company. Founded by Stephen Gibler, ‘Origin’ was created to position itself in the market with industry level professionalism and quality for web and traditionally targeted content. Origin specializes in commercials and promotionals for websites, private use, and company advertisement. Origin also has an extensive history with narrative fiction productions and is currently in feature development and production for a number of shows.

Origin’s production history involves producing content with USC, Doritos, Chevron and Google Glass.

Origin’s philosophical goals are simple. Keep the client involved. This is accomplished through our 3 point process. Point 1 is where the client is in pre-production meetings giving script notes and project updates, point 2 is where the client is on set watching the production develop, and point 3 is in the post-labs giving notes on final cuts and edits. We expect heavy collaboration as our process involves creating a product that is tailored exactly to your needs. Our production company isn’t for everyone. If you want to give money to people and hope they get it right, they won’t and you aren’t right for us. We expect to grow, advance, and solidify long lasting relationships with clients who expect to do the same with us. And we hope to create content that stands the test of time, together.

So consider us for your next project. We’ll make a great team.